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still和yet是副詞,不能用來引導句子。 1.still still強調過去發生的事情及存在的狀況目前還在延續。在現在完成時的否定句中,still表 示吃驚或不耐煩的語氣;但在現在進行時中,still只表示動作正在持續,不帶有感情色彩。
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Still,yet和already的用法 1.still still強調過去發生的事情及存在的狀況目前還在延續。 在現在完成時的否定句中,still表 示吃驚或不耐煩的語氣;但在現在進行時中,still只表示動作正在持續,不帶有感情色彩。例如: My neighbour hit my car last week and he still
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‘still’ and ‘no longer’, ‘already’ and ‘yet’
Level: beginner still We use still to show that something continues up to a time in the past, present or future. It goes in front of the main verb: Even when my father was 65, he still enjoyed playing tennis. It’s past midnight but she’s still doing her homework. I won’t be
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19/4/2009 · He hasn’t gone yet. He is still here. 這應該和still的時態用法沒什麼關係吧…他只是考你對詞性的基本概念。The store isn’t open yet. 用isn’t是因為後面的oepn是形容詞,你不給它個be動詞,句子就沒有動詞了。後面 The store is still closed.


常考詞 still 的用法與語法 1. 表 示 “ 仍然 ”“ 仍舊 ”,表示動作,狀態,情形等的延續或反復,通常位于特殊動詞之后,實義動詞之前,有時也放在句末。如: He’s still in hospital but out of danger. 他仍在住院,但已脫離了危險。 He still often works on Sundays. 他
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how to use Yet to, Yet, not Yet
Yet: We use this word in negative and interrogative sentences and we place it at the end. It means more or less the same as ‘not yet’. For example: I have not finished reading my book yet (You are still reading it). When you want to ask somebody if they have
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though用法2: 問:An attempt was made to give some coherence to agrarian policy in the two 「green plans」 of 1961 and 1966 which proved to be effective, though the funds made available were still below what was required.一九六一和一九六六年兩次實施有效的
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