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Rise and grind!相當于彥語。意思是起床了,該干活了。或者該早起干活了。It’s grind season就相當于說這是個吃苦奮斗的季節。 已贊過 已踩過 你對這個回答的評價是? 評論 收起 176*****15 2019-06-18 · 超過81用戶采納過TA的回答 知道小有建樹答主 回答量:
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8/1/2021 · grind的意思,解釋及翻譯:1. to make something into small pieces or a powder by pressing between hard surfaces: 2. to rub…。了解更多。 Where the standards were unclear, gover nment officials faced the dilemma of how to ground the political justification for
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Rise-N-Grind Outfitters We work hard to get feathers at your feet. My name is Wesley Reck, owner of Rise-N-Grind Outfitters. I am a family man with a wonderful wife and 3 boys. I have been guiding waterfowl professionally for 5 years, and hunting the majority of my
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Aloha Rise & Grind no comments September 17, 2020 You guys, Fall is literally around the corner and it begins the day after my birthday! I’m not thrilled about celebrating my birthday, but I am anxious for some cooler weather. If you’re a Floridian like myself, it
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